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Heat Pump

Reliable and efficient heat pumps for our Los Angeles area customers.

A heat pump is an all electric device that compresses and chills refrigerant just like an air conditioner for cooling. During the cooler months, it can also provide heat for your home. To learn more about the details of an HVAC system see Los Angeles HVAC.

Below are a few of the models that Grand Heating And Air Conditioning recommends for reliable, efficient air conditioning and heating. These can also be paired with a gas furnace for highly efficient hybrid heating. We are a Los Angeles air conditioning contractor who has the experience and knowledge required to help you with proper HVAC sizing, efficiency ratings, matched components, indoor air quality and more. Call Grand Heating And Air Conditioning today at (323) 870-2923 for the finest in Los Angeles air conditioning and heating solutions.

Factors to Consider in an Air Conditioner

Efficiency - To help you compare heat pumps, Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) rates cooling efficiency and Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF) rates heating efficiency - with high numbers indicating high efficiency. Play Video

Comfort - Consider models with the QuietDrive™ Comfort System - a combination of fan and unit features that meet your comfort needs more efficiently and quietly. Play Video

To learn more about heating and air conditioning systems, call us today at (323) 870-2923. If you would like to learn more about Grand Heating And Air Conditioning, please visit: Los Angeles HVAC Contractor

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