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You are viewing a typical split system air conditioner and furnace configuration found in most Los Angeles homes. This layout also features advanced indoor air quality products.

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The Split System Air Conditioning Process:

The split system air conditioning process works seamlessly and effectively to cool your home. At the start of the process, the refrigerant is cooled and is then sent back to the indoor coil otherwise known as an evaporator coil. Once this has happened, the furnace fan draws the air out from your home into a duct to circulate, filter, and cool it. The air is cooled in a simple process whereby the refrigerant located in the evaporator coil absorbs the heat, condenses moisture, and dehumidifies and cools the air. The split system air conditioner then kills mold through the UV light to maintain a healthy and sanitary home environment.

The Split System Heating Process:

Gas Furnace: With the gas furnace split system, a heat exchanger, which is a type of metal grid is heated by way of gas powered flames once the temperature drops too low. A fan works hard to pull the air from your home and then filters it. Subsequently, the air is heated by being forced over the heat exchanger, humidified for added moisture, and then the warm air is is pushed back into the home. A UV lamp located within the coils works to eliminate mold growth while the ventilator maintains premium air quality by continually replacing stale air.

Heat Pump: A heat pump works by extracting heat from the outside air when the thermostat registers a drop in temperature. The air is then pulled from your home through the return air duct by the fan coil. Once this occurs, the air is filtered, and heated by passing through the heat pump. Once the air is treated by the UV light to kill any mold spores, it is then sent back into the interior to warm the home.

Hybrid Heating System: A hybrid heating system utilizes a heat pump as well as a furnace to warm the interior of your home. When fuel prices are high, heat pumps can be more energy efficient than gas furnaces, however in extremely cold temperatures, they are not as efficient at warming the home. With hybrid heating, a smart thermostat interchanges between the heat pump and furnace for maximum efficiency.

Energy Information:

Energy Guide
Energy Guide label: Manufacturers of HVAC equipment are required to display the Energy Guide label. This label estimates how much energy the equipment uses, compares energy use of similar products, and gives approximate annual operating costs. Your exact costs will depend on local utility rates and the type and source of your energy.
ENERGY STAR® certification: ENERGY STAR® is a voluntary energy awareness program developed by the U.S. Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Our high-efficiency systems have the Energy Star label to identify products that are at least 15% more efficient than standard products.

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